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The game used in our products is a natural meat. This is because wild game is not influenced by humans: the animals feed exclusively on elements present in their natural habitats (and not via food supplements or strict portions). The resulting meat is a pure meat whose taste is influenced only by the characteristics of the environment that surrounds it.


At Venandi we want to put forward wild meat exclusively from the sustainable hunting practiced in France. This hunting preserves the populations of wild animals: deer, roe deer, wild boar... Its goal is to satisfy the needs and aspirations of present and future generations. Organized and supervised, hunting brings a positive contribution to the safeguard of the wild fauna and their habitats.


As you can see, the wild meats we use are naturally of exceptional quality.. To accompany this meat, we select exceptional ingredients which come in perfect harmony without distorting the taste of the wild. Our wild meats are also ideal for feeding: less calories and less fat!


In order to work on this very special meat, we have called on trusted partners who have mastered a know-how traditional. Passionate, the latter know how to magnify this very special product that is game meat without distorting it. They make it possible to create authentic products, rich in flavours and surprising!

Rillette de sanglier sauvage au whisky et poivre noir sur une tranche de pain

VENANDI, the supplier of wild game meat from our French forests